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10 things on my list for the Easter holidays

31 Mar

I am excited, because tomorrow my super long week-end starts, yeah!!!!! I took off tomorrow and Friday and Monday are free anyway, so I have 5 days just to enjoy and relax.

Here the things on my wish-to-do- list for the days off:

1. Finally finish the Stieg Larsson Book I am already on for some weeks now
2. Start a new book
3 . Go to the gym (bad weather) or go running (good weather) at least 3 times
4. Do the yoga sun salutation every morning (I want to do this every day, but I never accomplish it before work, impossible at 6 o’clock in the morning)
5. enjoy every sunbeam breaking through the clouds
6. Go to my favorite Wellness Place with my fiancé and hang around with him all day
7. See our friends for dinner and play taboo (haven’t played this for ages but I think this will be great)
8. Finally see one of the dozen movies I wanted to go see for weeks and never did (I have to choose between “Blind Side”, “The men who stare at goats”,  “Remember me”, “Shutter Island”)
9. Eat a lot of icecream
10. Install the bird house my father handmade for me (so cute!)

What are you guys up to? What plans do you have for the Easter Holidays?


Rainy day – sunny clothes

30 Mar

Last week we had the first wonderful signs of spring here in Cologne. Birds singing, sun shining, people in their summerjacket eating icecream. But that just lasted a few days and today it is cloudy and raining and the forecast for the Easter Weekend isn’t so good as well. But luckily I have made some great shopping at the last weekend, so I can imagine myself in my summer outfit. First I was amazed, that I found a beautiful little shop in the city which must be there for almost 3 years and I have never recognized it. It has very sweet and special pieces, that you dont’t find in all the big stores. I couldn’t resist this gorgeous, light dress….

And already last week, I found this sweet Ballerinas, I love the colour and the shape. I know, the hearts are a little tacky (my friends said that), but I know, they will bring me a lot of joy (and they are sooo comfy)

I love Weddingblogs!

30 Mar

Me and my finacé got engaged in August last year. Since then I have been doing so much research for our wedding, I could make a brilliant wedding planner already. Here in Germany where I live there are not so many great wedding blogs, photographers, planners, etc. like for example in the US, or they maybe just more hard to find. It is not such a huge industry here, but I think, in the next years, there will be a lot of changes. Anyway, I was so lucky to discover so many talented bloggers with beautiful websites, that inspired me so much. Now I can say I am totally addicted to them, I can spend hours at home surfing around the Websites and get more and more ideas out of it. The first one I found, greenweddingshoes, really took my breath away. All these beautiful pictures of the real weddings. I had never seen something like that before. So perfect in every detail, so personal. From that day on I knew, that I really wanted our wedding to be as personal as it can be, to put just our spirit in everything. It just feels right and I am looking so forward to our ceremony and sharing this special day with the people I love. I will post more details about the arrangements later on and keep you up with everything.


29 Mar

Another thing that made my day: This Guy lives with his 74-year-old Dad and posts all the – so funny – lines from him. A friend told me that the guy already has a book deal and there are plans for a sitcom inspired by it. That are the phenomenal stories of Social Media. Congrats to the Guy!!!

My Number One Happy Place

29 Mar

Neal's Yard

On Mondays I think it is especially important to have things to cheer you up, because…well… it’s Monday. So from now on I will post one of my happy places every Monday. Places, that I get comfort and happiness from everytime I am there, because they are so beautiful. I want to start with my most favorite happy place in the whole world: Neal’s Yard in London. First I have to say, that I am so crazy about London, I have to go to visit every year, otherwise I get really nervous. I love everything about it, it has a very special vibe to me and I just feel good when I am there. There are billions of great places there, but Neals’s Yard is just so special to me. I discovered it through my cousin, who lives there, years ago and immediately fell in love. Then I introduced it to my finacé who also thinks it is awesome. Now we got a huge picture of it hanging in our living room, so we can enjoy the look of it every day.

It is a little hard to find, it’s in a backyard from Neal’s Street. The colours of the houses are absolutely gorgeous, there is a massage place, a shop of “Neal’s Yard” cosmetics and some very good organic snack bars / cafés. When you go there be sure to visit “World Food Café“, a vegetarian restaurant, with super  fresh ingridients, so yummy!

Finally my own blog!

29 Mar

Hello everyone! I am so proud that today I am finally opening my own blog. This will be about things I love, I want to share, because I think they are special. I hope, you wil enjoy my posts and I am looking forward to your comments.