10 things on my list for the Easter holidays

31 Mar

I am excited, because tomorrow my super long week-end starts, yeah!!!!! I took off tomorrow and Friday and Monday are free anyway, so I have 5 days just to enjoy and relax.

Here the things on my wish-to-do- list for the days off:

1. Finally finish the Stieg Larsson Book I am already on for some weeks now
2. Start a new book
3 . Go to the gym (bad weather) or go running (good weather) at least 3 times
4. Do the yoga sun salutation every morning (I want to do this every day, but I never accomplish it before work, impossible at 6 o’clock in the morning)
5. enjoy every sunbeam breaking through the clouds
6. Go to my favorite Wellness Place with my fiancé and hang around with him all day
7. See our friends for dinner and play taboo (haven’t played this for ages but I think this will be great)
8. Finally see one of the dozen movies I wanted to go see for weeks and never did (I have to choose between “Blind Side”, “The men who stare at goats”,  “Remember me”, “Shutter Island”)
9. Eat a lot of icecream
10. Install the bird house my father handmade for me (so cute!)

What are you guys up to? What plans do you have for the Easter Holidays?


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