Happy Place – Pier 10, Amsterdam

5 Apr

The story of our engagement is also the story of my next happy place I wanna introduce to you. For our 5th anniversary my boyfriend surprised me with a trip to Amsterdam and, for what I know now, his Proposal. We went by car, I didn’t know our destination and guessed until finally I knew, we were drinving towards Holland. I had been to Amsterdam only on a day trip before and was so happy, to have the chance to explore it with the man of my heart.

It is so beautiful there, with all the Grachten (canals) through the city. I really love water and here it is just present everywhere. In the evening we dressed up real nice and went to  this amazing place directly by the waterfront, called “Pier 10“, a little houseboat actually, isn’t it super sweet?

The view was just incredible. For our aperitif we went to the terrasse, where we where alone and with a glas of prosecco he popped the question (I will not go in any more details, because I know that he will feel awkward – lets just say, it was so cute and I of course said YES). After that we had a wonderful evening with great food (fresh fish) and wine and at the end we were the only guests left and had a long talk with the super friendly Lady who waited us (I think she also owned the place). I can just recommend Pier 10 for a trip to Amsterdam,  it is really romantic and special.


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