Awesome photography

9 Apr

Today I am very happy and thankful, that I can share with you pictures of a former colleague of mine, Sascha Gröhl from Vitamedia-Foto. We worked together as editors for a TV Show a long time ago and Sascha became a very successful director and photographer. When I saw his photos for the first time I was abolutely blown away. His pictures are so lively and cool. He has recently also started shooting weddings, I am so looking forward to that. But for today have a look at some of his gorgeous pics.

I love the story behind the first two shots: This guy meets his group of friends on Coney Island just to talk once a week since 1965 (!!!). Isn’t that incredible? (he holds an old picture of them, where you can see there was snow on the Island)

And that’s the Gang, how cute!


That’s my absolute favorite pic. How cool are the poodles?

Thank you, Sascha, for sharing. Be sure to check out more supercool photography on his Website and you can also read about his filmprojects here.


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