A surprise wedding that touched my heart

20 Apr

Hello everyone! I feel so honored to share the most gorgeous wedding with you today.  It touched my Bride-to-be-heart so much and inspired me on so many levels. Amy Moss from eatdrinkchic and her husband Mark surprised their guests with a wedding ceremony during their “engagement party”. Isn’t that the coolest idea you ever heard? Beyond that the whole wedding is such an inspiration and full of eye candy. Where should I start? The super sweet decoration, the delicious food, all the happy faces… It goes on and on. Super talented photographer Jonathan Ong captured the day. Have a look and melt away.

What a cheerful wedding crowd. AWESOME!

I love this detail of the flowers in the hanging bottles. And how yummy the food looks (and tasted, I bet)

I am out of words for this picture. Pure love!

Wonderful pictures Amy and Mark, thank you so much for sharing. May your marriage always be so joyful as your wedding day.

You can check out more details on Amys wonderful blog eatdrinkchic and on the website of amazing photographer Jonathan Ong.

(All photos by Jonathan Ong)


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