“Wednesdays I’m in love…”

25 Apr

When you are a couple and you are both very committed to your jobs it is quite hard to spend quality time together in your everyday life, because you work late, have to do grocery shopping, household, meet friends and family, etc. So a few month ago the man of my heart suggested that Wednesday should be our constant day where we plan the evening just for the two of us. I thought that this was such a sweet idea and from that day on we really stuck to it. It doesn’t mean that we always plan big events on that day, but we take care that we are not distracted by anything else, keep the notebooks and phones switched off and just do what we are up to on that day: go see a movie, cook a new recipe, do sports together, etc.

Then a few weeks ago I came up with the additional idea that we write little notes with restaurants we always wanted to try out, put them in a glass, so we can draw one every now and then and go there spontaneously on one of our Wednesdays. So we tried it out this week for the first time and we drew the restaurant “Acht” in Cologne.

I have to say it really was a maginificant find. “Acht” has a rustic charme but it is also very modern and bright. They have a wonderful brick wall (which I am such a fan of) and an open kitchen. The service was so kind and helpful and the food was superb. I had a super yummy Risotto with scallops and my sweetheart had lamb with vegetables. The Rioja wine we had was one of the best I ever tasted.

So our first draw was a success on all levels and I am looking forward to the next discovery. I will keep you up with that and besides: I can recommend a “quality time”-day once a week. We really appreciate this time we have just for us.


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