Back in my nook

30 Apr

I am so happy because my sweetheart came back yesterday from one loooong week of business travel. I noticed once again how weird it is when you are apart from eachother when you elsewise spend nearly every day together. There are so many rituals you develop…

What I missed most:

1. My nook in his arm, where I fall asleep every night

2. The good-bye kiss I give him when he is still in bed and I have to head off to work (much too early)

3. The green tea he makes for me on week-end mornings and brings it to bed

4. Throwing on the barbecue with him and he being the Grillmaster

5. His infective laugh and the sound of his voice (hearing it over the phone is NOT the same, because it sounds different)

6. His constant craving for ice-cream,  that always seduces me to get a big cone, too

(We already catched up in this point today, like you can see on the pic)

But now Baby is back, everything is good again and I am looking forward to the week-end with him.

Tonight is “Dance into May”, which is a tradition in Germany. It is the night before the 1st May (1st may is off, because it is a holiday here, but this year it is a Saturday anyway, shoot!), and there are parties everywhere. When you are a boy secretly in love, you also set a tree in front of the house of your beloved in this night. That is very cool because it is a common thing that the guys hang the trees (or big branches) with colorful banners and they look so pretty in the streets. They stay there the whole May and in June the secret admirers are suppose to come out of the closet and the trees are removed.

Because I already have a finacé I don’t expect a Maytree before my house 🙂 But I think we will have a very fun evening, I am really up for dancing.

What are you up for the week-end?


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