Our Wedding Ring Bowl from Paloma’s Nest has arrived!

7 May

My sweet Readers! Look what a cute little thing welcomed me at home yesterday!

You don’t even want to open it, because it is sooooo pretty…

The Ring Bearer from Paloma’s Nest, which I ordered over etsy for our wedding.

I am overwhelmed how beautiful it turned out. And it was a very moving moment to see our names and the date carved in there. I felt the big day coming nearer.

When I discovered Paloma’s Nest on the web and with that the beautiful work of artist and designer Caroline Colom Vasquez, I directly new, that she had to create our ring bowl. The bowls are awesome and you have a wonderful piece to remember your special day for ever.

But Paloma’s Nest also does other great artwork.

I love this custom made ceramic eggs

and these sweet Cloth Gift Bags

See all of the beautiful heirlooms from Paloma’s nest on their website and visit their Etsyshop. I can only recommend it.

(three lower photographs by Paloma’s Nest)


2 Responses to “Our Wedding Ring Bowl from Paloma’s Nest has arrived!”

  1. mina May 9, 2010 at 5:42 pm #

    wow. you’re going to have some lovely things at your wedding – very pretty stuff!

  2. Anu May 9, 2010 at 9:56 pm #

    Hi Mina!

    Yes, I am so happy with our Ring Bowl. The other things like the eggs and the gift bags are still on my wish list. Would love to have them for our wedding, too. We’ll see…

    Have a great day.

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