Happy Place – Hamburg

10 May

My dear Readers, I hope you all had a wonderful week-end and Mother’s Day.

Today it is Happy Place Time again and I want to introduce to you one of the most beautiful cities in Germany (besides Cologne of couse): Hamburg. I have been to Hamburg quite often in the last years and I always had a blast there. It really is a stunning city, which has a very specific flair.

The amazing thing for me is that there is water everywhere and it dominates all of your impressions. I totally love it! There are many rivers and canals, which are crossed by more bridges than Venice and Amsterdam have combined. Near to the water you can find the very noble areas with gorgeous big, old mansions, one more beautiful than the other.

There are so many wonderful things to do in Hamburg.

How about a boat trip on the Alster?

Or a romantic sunset at the pier?

Or you explore one of the individual quarters. The noble Eppendorf, with it’s awesome architecture and cute little shops

Or the more alternative, vibrant district called Schanze, where you have great bars and restaurants, with mostly young people hanging out

As you see, there are so many things to do, and I have not even mentioned the impressive harbour, the famous Reeperbahn, great musicals like “The Lion King”, etc etc.

My sweetheart and I decided that we will visit again before July. I will keep you up with new finds.

That’s all for now.



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