How to find the perfect Wedding Photographers

11 May

Today I am very honored to introduce to you someone very special: Our Weddingphotographers Cathrin Meyer and Manuel Thomé from pure wedding.

When we first started to plan our wedding last year in August, we didn’t plan a lot of our budget for a good photographer because we thougt, everybody is capable of taking some nice wedding pictures. We were soooo wrong!

Then I discovered all the wonderful wedding blogs on the internet and was absolutely stunned about all the wonderful pics from the real weddings there. That was when I had second thoughts about our planning and was sure, we needed real Pros for the job. I wanted this gorgeous photo art for our wedding as well.

I have to say that special modern wedding photography that you have in the US very often is not so easy to find here. I got a little frustrated doing my research, because I saw a lot of pics that weren’t creative, not made “with love” or just very oldfashioned (and I don’t mean in a cool Retro way).

But luckily one day I stumbled upon  Hochzeitsfotografen Deluxe, a platform where one of the best German wedding photographers are combined.

That’s where I found Cathrin and Manuel.

We met with them in their atelier and it klicked at the first moment, because they are so nice and cool people, just our age and they immediately understood what we wanted. A wedding day is so intimate and you will be so nervous, so I think it is a great bonus, when your photographers are not only masters in their craft (which is indispensible anyway) but they are also cool und lovely people. Don’t book a photographer, when you don’t connect on a personal level, this is my advice.

Manuel was so nice to send me brandnew pics from a bridal shoot he just did in the desert outside Vegas, when he was there to visit the World’s biggest Fair for wedding photography. Aren’t the pictures just awesome?

Check out the pure wedding website for more pics from this fantastic Shooting and other great Real Wedding Photography.

Thanks to you, Cathrin and Manuel, for sharing.

(Images by pure wedding)


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