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Happy Place – Hamburg

10 May

My dear Readers, I hope you all had a wonderful week-end and Mother’s Day.

Today it is Happy Place Time again and I want to introduce to you one of the most beautiful cities in Germany (besides Cologne of couse): Hamburg. I have been to Hamburg quite often in the last years and I always had a blast there. It really is a stunning city, which has a very specific flair.

The amazing thing for me is that there is water everywhere and it dominates all of your impressions. I totally love it! There are many rivers and canals, which are crossed by more bridges than Venice and Amsterdam have combined. Near to the water you can find the very noble areas with gorgeous big, old mansions, one more beautiful than the other.

There are so many wonderful things to do in Hamburg.

How about a boat trip on the Alster?

Or a romantic sunset at the pier?

Or you explore one of the individual quarters. The noble Eppendorf, with it’s awesome architecture and cute little shops

Or the more alternative, vibrant district called Schanze, where you have great bars and restaurants, with mostly young people hanging out

As you see, there are so many things to do, and I have not even mentioned the impressive harbour, the famous Reeperbahn, great musicals like “The Lion King”, etc etc.

My sweetheart and I decided that we will visit again before July. I will keep you up with new finds.

That’s all for now.



Happy Place – Palma, Mallorca

4 May

A big Hello to everybody! Today I will make up for what I missed yesterday: posting a new Happy Place. I already gave you a small appetizer and some of you might have already recognized it: It was the beautiful cathedral in Palma, Mallorca.

I have been to Mallorca two times now with the man of my heart and we both absolutely love it there. (You might remember the post about our favorite beach Sa Rapita).

What I really love about Mallorca is that you can have everything: great beaches, chillin’ out, shopping, clubbin’, great restaurants, bars and culture. And the capital Palma has nearly everything combined.

Besides it is stunning beautiful. Awesome buildings with super sweet window shutters, which I adore, the little streets in the Old Town where you can explore tiny shops and the breathtaking harbour with its huuuuuuuge ships.

Near to the harbour there are a few small streets where you can find the best restaurants. But you have to be careful. Not all that look pretty on the outside serve great food, believe me, I fell for that trap a few times. But after some failures we discoverd great places. One of our favorites, where we went nearly every day last year, was Tasu, a very cool place with great tapas for very reasonable prices.

Another great tip is the world’s best ice-cream parlour (in my opinion): Iceberg. The owner is a creative German guy and the flavors of ice-cream he creates are very special but super, super yummy. I mean you need some courage to try goatcheese ice-cream with honey or chocolate-wasabi, but believe me: it is fantastic!!!

There is so much more to say about Palma, but I think I will just let the pictures speak for itself and I hope you have the opportunity to travel there in the near future. If you need some more tipps feel free to ask me. I would love to  help.

Happy Place – Camden Town, London

26 Apr

If you already follow my blog for a little while, you might wonder why I post a Happy Place in London again, because I already posted Neal’s Yard.

Well, because I am just crazy about this city and I think, this won’t be the last post about it. (And besides today I already looked for flights again for the Summer, my longing is getting deeper).

So this is about Camden Town. When I am in London, going there is a MUST. There you can find the coolest shops, pubs and bars.  You can just start at the beginning of Camden High Street and hop from bar to bar.

Everything is so colorful, makes me happy!

On Sundays the big thing to see is of course Camden Markt, a combination of open air and indoor markets. I especially like the Stables Market, which you can find in restored industrial buildings and catacombs, awesome!

I think, you now got an impression, why Camden is a Happy Place for me.

There is soooo much to see and to explore, no matter if it is in the daytime or at night. Fun guaranteed!

Happy Place – Heidelberg

19 Apr

Dear Readers, I hope you are doing fine and had a great week-end. I absolutely did. Got a lot of energy out of it. The weather was awesome and I have to say, I was so full of joy being where I was, no travel fever or longing for far countries. So I thought, I won’t “travel” far for todays Happy Place. It is just a 2 hours drive away from my home: Heidelberg.

I have been there for the first time two years ago (which is a shame because it is just around the corner, actually). My boyfriend had been there before and always told me how beautiful it is and so we decided to stop there for one night on our way to Switzerland where we visited some friends.

I have to say that Heidelberg is outstanding in it’s beauty, very rare to find such a well preserved City. Beautiful old town and a impressive ruine of the Heidelberg Castle from where you have a breathtaking view.

If you ever visit, be sure to grab a bite at “Wal“, biggest choice of breakfast I have ever seen and super yummy.

Happy Place – Sa Rapita, Mallorca

12 Apr

I just booked the flights for our honeymoon to South Africa and I am sooooo excited. Unfortunately it still takes some time until we go there. So I chose today’s Happy Place because of my longing for Sun, Beach and Holidayfeeling. Sa Rapita is my favorite beach on Mallorca. It is actually just near to Es Trenc, one of the most popular beaches. But my fiancé and I just fell in love with Sa Rapita, because it is not so touristic and much smaller and quieter. The water is amazing, have a look…

Isn’t it beautiful? It is the most perfect place to relax, we both can hang out there all day, daze, read a book and play some Beachball in the water. How many great days we have spent here.

When it is very windy, you can see a lot of Surfers here. Great to watch!

My favorite time of the day is in the afternoon, when you are almost alone at the beach and the sun is already a bit low. I love, love, love the light!

Happy Place – Pier 10, Amsterdam

5 Apr

The story of our engagement is also the story of my next happy place I wanna introduce to you. For our 5th anniversary my boyfriend surprised me with a trip to Amsterdam and, for what I know now, his Proposal. We went by car, I didn’t know our destination and guessed until finally I knew, we were drinving towards Holland. I had been to Amsterdam only on a day trip before and was so happy, to have the chance to explore it with the man of my heart.

It is so beautiful there, with all the Grachten (canals) through the city. I really love water and here it is just present everywhere. In the evening we dressed up real nice and went to  this amazing place directly by the waterfront, called “Pier 10“, a little houseboat actually, isn’t it super sweet?

The view was just incredible. For our aperitif we went to the terrasse, where we where alone and with a glas of prosecco he popped the question (I will not go in any more details, because I know that he will feel awkward – lets just say, it was so cute and I of course said YES). After that we had a wonderful evening with great food (fresh fish) and wine and at the end we were the only guests left and had a long talk with the super friendly Lady who waited us (I think she also owned the place). I can just recommend Pier 10 for a trip to Amsterdam,  it is really romantic and special.

My Number One Happy Place

29 Mar

Neal's Yard

On Mondays I think it is especially important to have things to cheer you up, because…well… it’s Monday. So from now on I will post one of my happy places every Monday. Places, that I get comfort and happiness from everytime I am there, because they are so beautiful. I want to start with my most favorite happy place in the whole world: Neal’s Yard in London. First I have to say, that I am so crazy about London, I have to go to visit every year, otherwise I get really nervous. I love everything about it, it has a very special vibe to me and I just feel good when I am there. There are billions of great places there, but Neals’s Yard is just so special to me. I discovered it through my cousin, who lives there, years ago and immediately fell in love. Then I introduced it to my finacé who also thinks it is awesome. Now we got a huge picture of it hanging in our living room, so we can enjoy the look of it every day.

It is a little hard to find, it’s in a backyard from Neal’s Street. The colours of the houses are absolutely gorgeous, there is a massage place, a shop of “Neal’s Yard” cosmetics and some very good organic snack bars / cafés. When you go there be sure to visit “World Food Café“, a vegetarian restaurant, with super  fresh ingridients, so yummy!