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How to find the perfect Wedding Photographers

11 May

Today I am very honored to introduce to you someone very special: Our Weddingphotographers Cathrin Meyer and Manuel Thomé from pure wedding.

When we first started to plan our wedding last year in August, we didn’t plan a lot of our budget for a good photographer because we thougt, everybody is capable of taking some nice wedding pictures. We were soooo wrong!

Then I discovered all the wonderful wedding blogs on the internet and was absolutely stunned about all the wonderful pics from the real weddings there. That was when I had second thoughts about our planning and was sure, we needed real Pros for the job. I wanted this gorgeous photo art for our wedding as well.

I have to say that special modern wedding photography that you have in the US very often is not so easy to find here. I got a little frustrated doing my research, because I saw a lot of pics that weren’t creative, not made “with love” or just very oldfashioned (and I don’t mean in a cool Retro way).

But luckily one day I stumbled upon  Hochzeitsfotografen Deluxe, a platform where one of the best German wedding photographers are combined.

That’s where I found Cathrin and Manuel.

We met with them in their atelier and it klicked at the first moment, because they are so nice and cool people, just our age and they immediately understood what we wanted. A wedding day is so intimate and you will be so nervous, so I think it is a great bonus, when your photographers are not only masters in their craft (which is indispensible anyway) but they are also cool und lovely people. Don’t book a photographer, when you don’t connect on a personal level, this is my advice.

Manuel was so nice to send me brandnew pics from a bridal shoot he just did in the desert outside Vegas, when he was there to visit the World’s biggest Fair for wedding photography. Aren’t the pictures just awesome?

Check out the pure wedding website for more pics from this fantastic Shooting and other great Real Wedding Photography.

Thanks to you, Cathrin and Manuel, for sharing.

(Images by pure wedding)


Our Wedding Ring Bowl from Paloma’s Nest has arrived!

7 May

My sweet Readers! Look what a cute little thing welcomed me at home yesterday!

You don’t even want to open it, because it is sooooo pretty…

The Ring Bearer from Paloma’s Nest, which I ordered over etsy for our wedding.

I am overwhelmed how beautiful it turned out. And it was a very moving moment to see our names and the date carved in there. I felt the big day coming nearer.

When I discovered Paloma’s Nest on the web and with that the beautiful work of artist and designer Caroline Colom Vasquez, I directly new, that she had to create our ring bowl. The bowls are awesome and you have a wonderful piece to remember your special day for ever.

But Paloma’s Nest also does other great artwork.

I love this custom made ceramic eggs

and these sweet Cloth Gift Bags

See all of the beautiful heirlooms from Paloma’s nest on their website and visit their Etsyshop. I can only recommend it.

(three lower photographs by Paloma’s Nest)

A surprise wedding that touched my heart

20 Apr

Hello everyone! I feel so honored to share the most gorgeous wedding with you today.  It touched my Bride-to-be-heart so much and inspired me on so many levels. Amy Moss from eatdrinkchic and her husband Mark surprised their guests with a wedding ceremony during their “engagement party”. Isn’t that the coolest idea you ever heard? Beyond that the whole wedding is such an inspiration and full of eye candy. Where should I start? The super sweet decoration, the delicious food, all the happy faces… It goes on and on. Super talented photographer Jonathan Ong captured the day. Have a look and melt away.

What a cheerful wedding crowd. AWESOME!

I love this detail of the flowers in the hanging bottles. And how yummy the food looks (and tasted, I bet)

I am out of words for this picture. Pure love!

Wonderful pictures Amy and Mark, thank you so much for sharing. May your marriage always be so joyful as your wedding day.

You can check out more details on Amys wonderful blog eatdrinkchic and on the website of amazing photographer Jonathan Ong.

(All photos by Jonathan Ong)

The perfect Wedding bouquet

11 Apr

As I am in arrangements for my wedding in August I am always looking for inspirations concerning the design details for the big day. I was so enchanted by the beautiful bouquet that Alyson of unruly things did as a guest blogger for 100layercake.

I love everthing about it: the choice of flowers, the colors and the beautiful vintage lace. Adorable! Alyson made it herself with flowers from a local flower shop. I could imagine myself immediately walking down the aisle with this in my hands.

Check out Alyson’s wonderful blog here.

Photo by Alyson Graves

How to find the perfect wedding location

3 Apr

When my boyfriend and I got engaged in August, the first and most important thing about planning the wedding was finding the perfect location. From this all other decisions can be made, like the whole theme etc. When you plan your wedding, you have to ask yourself, what style you want your wedding to be, what represents you (modern or more rustic, etc.). We knew, we wanted to celebrate in a casual, romantic atmosphere surrounded by nature. So we started looking around near Cologne. We were astonished how many locations were already booked one year in advance, so some nice ones were already gone on our preferred date, and others didn’t fit for us. Finally my fiancé remembered a wedding he had been to some years before and thought I might like the place. It is a modernized barnyard from the 14th century, with a very green surrounding. I walked in an thought: That’s it, this represents us and our style. Just nearby is an old oak tree under which the ceremony will take place. Can’t think of a more perfect way to celebrate our love and I am sooooo looking forward to it. Another Bonus is that it is near to our hometown, where still a lot of family and friends live. And: we can celebrate Open End, which was very important to us and is not matter of course everywhere.

What is your perfect wedding location? Or when you’re already married, how did you chose yours?

I love Weddingblogs!

30 Mar

Me and my finacé got engaged in August last year. Since then I have been doing so much research for our wedding, I could make a brilliant wedding planner already. Here in Germany where I live there are not so many great wedding blogs, photographers, planners, etc. like for example in the US, or they maybe just more hard to find. It is not such a huge industry here, but I think, in the next years, there will be a lot of changes. Anyway, I was so lucky to discover so many talented bloggers with beautiful websites, that inspired me so much. Now I can say I am totally addicted to them, I can spend hours at home surfing around the Websites and get more and more ideas out of it. The first one I found, greenweddingshoes, really took my breath away. All these beautiful pictures of the real weddings. I had never seen something like that before. So perfect in every detail, so personal. From that day on I knew, that I really wanted our wedding to be as personal as it can be, to put just our spirit in everything. It just feels right and I am looking so forward to our ceremony and sharing this special day with the people I love. I will post more details about the arrangements later on and keep you up with everything.